Welcome 2019-20 school year! Our Taylor County School District Transportation Department transports some 1300+ students over more than 950 miles each and every school day.   The responsibility that guides that effort is immense. Our staff will not budge an inch without an abiding commitment to do it safely, dependably, and efficiently. This is our commitment to the students we transport, their parents and our schools.

Review the routes and choose the stop closest to your home. Several routes have changed so please make sure you check for new bus numbers, new stop times & location. We ask students to be at their stop five (5) minutes prior to their assigned pick-up time. When bus is approaching stop students should be out of vehicle ready to board bus when door opens. As we attempt to maintain our set schedule, often times the bus is late due to weather, mechanical issues or student tardiness. It is our goal to have all students to their respective schools for breakfast & first bell.

Bus rules and registrations will be handed out to each student. To help ensure the safety of your children, take a moment to discuss the safety rules with them. Riding the bus is a privilege and repeat offenders with multiple referrals will lose their privilege. It is important parents/guardians work closely with driver to help maintain an orderly, safe environment on the school bus. We ask you fill out the registration forms completely, with valid contact information. This information is critical in case of an emergency.

I have a fleet of drivers, bus aides, mechanics & office staff with the experience needed for the job. We are honored to haul some of the most precious cargo in the USA and will always take pride in “Transporting Our Youth Into A Positive Future”.


Wendy Slaughter, Transportation Coordinator

Taylor County School District